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The journey from the initial product idea to a reliable and economical production solution can be very difficult. Especially when experience with special technologies such as lasers is missing. Often this is even more complicated by a number of communication gaps between the product manager, the developer and the production engineer.

For these reasons, we would like to offer you the fully comprehensive solution from a one-stop shop and support you in the implementation of your manufacturing solution, whether the result is contract manufacturing at our facility or your own precision laser system at your manufacturing site.

1. Consulting

You are looking for a new or alternative manufacturing solution for your precision products?

The laser may be the perfect answer. We will be happy to find out together with you if this is the case and develop possible concepts for precision machining using lasers from your ideas, drawings or an existing product.

We find the most suitable process and advise you on laser-compatible design and suitable material selection for your product.

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2. Process development

Process development is one of the most exciting stages in the production of precision components. It is about analyzing all influencing factors, no matter if it is your requirements in terms of quality and accuracy or material properties and the corresponding laser technology.

All points must be taken into account in order to find the correct laser and machine parameters.

With many years of experience from countless projects, our application engineers are happy to manage this complex task.


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3. Initial sampling

Once the initial process setup is complete, the first sampling can begin. With this step, we test the feasibility of your idea using initial trials in our application laboratory.

Within one working day, we test your materials and demonstrate an initial concept for a solution using sample parts.

You receive a statement on the feasibility of your ideas and requirements free of charge.


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4. Prototyping

Before series manufacturing of a product can begin, usually a prototype is required to help convince your customer to place an order with you for the production of a precision product.

Also a prototype may be necessary to get the release for internal investment budgets.

As soon as our initial sampling has convinced you, we start optimizing process and precision product according to your requirements in terms of quality, productivity and profitability.


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5. Contract manufacturing

Once the laser machining process has been optimized and the prototype of your precision component has convinced your customer or decision-makers, series production can start.

At your request, our laser job shop will handle the entire production for you. Your personnel resources are relieved.

Whether small or large series, we manufacture your precision component according to your specifications, including conventional finishing and quality certificate.


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6. Inhouse manufacturing

For ramping up production volumes, external contract manufacturing involves few investments and risks. Nevertheless, relocating production to your own manufacturing site can make sense during the tranfer to large-scale production or in terms of your own value creation.

Based on our knowledge and experience from sample to contract manufacturing, we will provide you with the perfect machine solution. Of course, operator and process engineer training as well as maintenance and service support are also part of the package.

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