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No matter what specific industry, reliable machine solutions are required in industrial manufacturing environments. This also counts for laser precision machining. A special challenge is the combination of robustness of the production equipment and the accuracy of the machining results. Added to this is the required cost-effectiveness of the technology used.

LLT.preci offers a reliable machine concept that meets these high demands. By combining the fiber laser with scanner optics, the basic 3-axis machine can operate simultaneously with up to seven axes. Despite compact external dimensions, the large machining area can be scaled to up to 500 mm x 500 mm x 300 mm, depending on specific customer requirements.

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  • Micro cutting, welding, drilling

  • Up to ± 10 µm positioning accuracy

  • Laser micromachining of 2D, 3D and cylindrical components

  • Process area (X, Y, Z): up to 500 mm x 500 mm x 300 mm

  • Fiber laser with fixed optics or galvo-scanner

  • Most efficient laser processing with precision and dynamics

  • Reliable and robust fiber laser technology

  • Compact and universal machine concept

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Technical data LLT.preci
Applications Laser cutting
Laser welding
Laser drilling
Processable parts 2D, 3D, tubular parts
Processable material Metals
Polycrystalline diamonds
Processable material thickness Up to 4 mm
Path accuracy Up to ± 10 µm
Repeatability Up to ± 1 µm
Process area (X * Y * Z) Up to 500 mm * 500 mm * 300 mm
Movement speed Up to 20 m/min
Laser sources Fiber laser
Process optics Fixed optics
Galvo-scanner for welding applications
Load capacity of X/Y cross table Up to 50 kg
Rotation axis (optional) Direct drive
3D-processing (optional) Tilt and swivel axis module
Motorized swiveling processing head
CNC control system Eckelmann
Machine base Granite
Dimensions (W * D * H) app. 1.500 mm * 1.200 mm * 2.000 mm
Weight Up to 3.500 kg
(depending on the specific machine configuration)


  • Integration of rotary, tilting, swiveling axes and motorized swiveling processing head

  • Vision system for automatic measurement and inspection

  • Intuitive design of weld paths on live image

  • Pneumatic clamping systems and automatic component handling

  • Filter and cooling systems


Control System & Software

  • ECKELMANN CNC controller

  • Ergonomic touch screen user interface

  • Handheld control unit for setup work and manual positioning

  • Programming on the machine or at the computer workstation

  • CAD-CAM software for CNC programming