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We produce your 2D and 3D precision components. In addition to conventional flat components, our contract manufacturing also processes complex 3D products for a wide range of industries. Thanks to different laser technologies and components, the scope of materials to be processed is wide and allows highly complex contours with kerfs of up to 10 micrometers. We mainly process foils and thin sheets with material thicknesses from 5 µm to 3 mm. Depending on the specific material and component dimensions, the limits can be extended.

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Scope of Service

  • Laser cutting / welding / drilling / ablating with up to 7 axes

  • Batch volume:

    • Prototypes and single parts

    • Small volume and high volume production

  • Production stages:

    • Support during ramp-up

    • Realising batch production

    • Covering production peaks

  • Sourcing and storage of material

  • Pre- and post-treatment

  • Design and production of customized fixtures and devices

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Processable Components

  • 2D:

    • up to 500 mm x 500 mm

  • 3D:

    • up to 200 mm x 200 mm x 300 mm

    • Diameter: up to 200 mm

  • Material thickness: 5 µm – 3 mm
    (for cutting and drilling application)



Application examples

Processable Materials

Metals Special metals Ceramics Plastics Composites Further materials
Stainless steels Nitinol Piezoceramics Kapton FR4 Silicon
Aluminium Tantalum Low temperature cofired ceramics (LTCC) [green / fired] Polypropylene Phenolic Glass
Titanium Tungsten more on request PEEK more on request Sapphire crystal
Copper Molybdenum   Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE)   more on request
Brass Nickel   more on request    
Bronze Gold        
more on request Silver        
  more on request