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When we founded Laser- und Lichtstrahltechnologie GmbH in 1997, we made it our goal to build a high-performance mechanical engineering and service company. Since then, we have specialised in laser precision and micromachining.

From the very beginning, our motivation was to develop new machine concepts and to make the laser industrially usable to the highest degree and to further develop it for different fields of application.

Today, LLT Applikation is an internationally known company in the laser micromachining market. Our ideas and machines help to define the level in this market segment.

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Our Profile

Originally founded as a company for engineering services and developments in the field of laser technology, a successful mechanical engineering company was formed in a short time.

While laser processing machines were initially the focus of our work, it quickly became clear that our customers expected more than just the 'laser' tool. Customised solutions and reliable processes were required. From countless feasibility studies and sample productions, a laser job shop developed as our second business segment.    

Today, we are a committed company with a highly specialised performance profile for laser micromachining. The customers of our contract manufacturing and laser machines come from technology sectors such as medical technology, microelectronics and semiconductor technology or the watch and tool industry. But also companies from high technology industries such as aerospace are our business partners.

Our Team

Our 30-strong team is a good mix of young and experienced, thinkers and doers, locals and newcomers. We are a cooperative community united by our fascination for laser technology and our commitment to our location in Thuringia.

Both the neighbourhood to Ilmenau university of technology and the Ilmenau technology region provide excellent opportunities to benefit from research and cooperation projects and to recruit young, committed employees.

Our Story

  • 1997: Foundation by Dr. Siegfried Pause

  • 2000: Release of first self-developed precision machine microcut 2000 at Hanover Fair

  • 2001: Opening of new administration and production buildings

  • 2002: Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001

  • 2005: Larissa Pause becomes second managing director

  • 2008: Opening of an additional 600 m² production hall for mechanical engineering

  • 2018: Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

  • 2019: Larissa Pause takes over the operational business

  • 2019: "MuT" award in the "Innovation" category

  • 2019: "ThEx Award" for Larissa Pause for a successful company succession

  • 2021: Start of construction work for another administration and production building